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Professional Primer for Color Cosmetics



WUNDER2 PRIME & BEHOLD is a Professional Primer for Color Make-up that locks any color pigment to the skin, intensifies it & ensures it is waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof for up to 24 hours. The lightweight, creamy formula dries to a beautiful, holographic finish and creates a crease-free, soft and even base ready for the application of eyeshadow or color pigments. PRIME & BEHOLD will increase the longevity of your eye and lip looks so that they stay-all-day throughout rain, hail or shine! 

In combination with our PURE PIGMENTS, you can create the most amazing looks that will last for hours!
Our Light Transformation Technology works to create an intense color effect on the skin, but also promotes a silky finish whilst still enabling blendability of loose pigments on top. We use a natural active ingredient called Luminescine which protects the skin and absorbs UV rays, transforming it into a source of light that radiates directly from your skin to intensify any added color cosmetics.

how to use


  • Apply Prime & Behold to clean, dry skin
  • Use the wand to blend product out and cover the entire area you wish to apply color
  • Apply your color pigment or glitter on top of Prime & Behold. For a more intense, metallic effect, apply color immediately onto the primer. For a more subtle wash of color, apply after 2-3 minutes
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