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Eyebrow Liner & Gel


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For quick and easy touch-ups and great for on-the-go, WUNDERBROW D-FINE gives you natural-looking yet perfectly shaped brows that last throughout the day. Use the specially angled liner to define, fill and extend brows, then follow up with the soft-hold gel to groom and set. 

how to use

WUNDERBROW D-FINE - Brow Liner & Gel

  • Apply WUNDERBROW D-FINE to clean, dry skin.
  • Softly feather the angled Brow Liner through the front of the brow to create natural looking definition, then shape and sculpt the tail-end of the brow.
  • Comb through the brow with the Tinted Soft Hold Gel to groom and set the brow and liner product.
  • For removal apply an oil-based cleanser, such as WUNDERCLEANSE or oil directly over where WUNDERBROW D-FINE was applied. Massage then gently remove with a cotton pad.
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